Learn to Program: Phyton part I

Many people like are looking how to understand the programming language but they don’t have a basic opportunity to start. Well, on August 19th started the online course “Learn to Program: the fundamentals” in Coursera, the first of two courses which is made for people who don’t know shit about programming, having said that, the course starts from ZERO.

If you dont have any particular hard business to do it, I encourage you to take this course. The first reason is FREE (you don’t pay) in a free platform (Coursera is available for everyone) with teachers of the University of Toronto. They’re pretty good actually teaching. If you’re already have some JavaScript experience program, you can try either because Phyton also have his paths. Besides, is the second most used language programming or something like that, according of what I’m learning.

My class. (?)

Most important, you say: why should I write programs? and my answer is this. Imagine that you can read every program. You find easy to read because since you were a child you’re doing it BUT the real big question is: can you write? The same case that you read a book, but you can’t write. Try it, because worth it. Also this is my first english post. I’ll try to make more of this.



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