Alan Whicker and The Last Dictator

This 1970’s documentary explain the live in Paraguay during Alfredo Stroessner’s dictatorship. Beautiful in all ways and very recommended if you’re interested to know more about this country.


2 comentarios en “Alan Whicker and The Last Dictator

  1. Jose dijo:

    I don’t see how this can be “BEAUTIFUL”. It’s a very dark time in paraguayan’s history. Basically it was the time for a few families to become very rich and the rest of the population remain uneducated and poor.

    Me gusta

    • Nelson Cardozo dijo:

      We’re not talking about politics. Do you know how hard is find something like this about my country? Nobody cared in that time for my country and we have so few memories for those days. I see a portrait of Chaco war and doesn’t mean I like war. Same here.

      Me gusta


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