Content is king

I’m trying to write, this post is going to be about the most important thing in the blog creation process: the content. The rest as they say, is history. I’m trying, so with your comment you can help to improve the angle.

The beginning

I remember very well. It was the year 2010 and somewhat I had this feeling of writing. I wrote for example in several pieces of paper but now I don’t even know where are they and some of my friends told me I need to open a website where I can share my thoughts because the way I speak was nice whatever they meant with that.

I found for those casualties of life this blog creator called WordPress. It seems a nice place I thought. I logged in, create this space and started to make writings. I published one piece at April 2010 but wasn’t happy because the design of the blog was yuck! and just started typing some words without publishing never ever. My friend asked for help in his new but glorious blog site JoparaBlog, where I went without hesitate and wrote several posts with her. My thoughts in those times were the fault had the design.

I mean, who can love a blog with no design at all?

Content is..what?

Seems like I found the answer but I wasn’t happy because I abandoned my child, my blog, my little place where I can be free and returned but never stopped writing in other blogs. I loved it. But then, someone showed me one post, written by Bill Gates Content is King and said:

Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet, just as it was in broadcasting.

Ok. Resume: No matter how good design, good ads or how big is the picture of what you want to put it, the content is the f*cking king. This made me realized how much time I spent looking for good design but stopped looking what I was writing, what I was offering the people to read.

New challenge: learn to write  a blog


And that’s why I take my time to come to the Blogging University. Why did I pick this and no other? Because with the difference of others, here they enhance the Bill Gates’ prediction: the content, that piece that some people never pay attention and only look the ads. They offer me lectures that I was looking for, such as find your angle, how to pick a topic, pick the moment, etc; since the course is intended to go for other bloggers, I found almost 10 interesting blogs that I really like it and now following.

And the final reason of all the things: writing makes me happy, it’s like breath in the forest for me. English is not my native language, so I have to fight against that but the time will help better in that.

Happy writing and HAIL HYDRA content!


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